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Hosted Backup

Online data back-up using the highest level of encryption

Most businesses recognise the importance of undertaking regular back-ups. However, conventional backup methods, such as copying data to a separate hard drive, are often inefficient, unreliable and insecure.

Online data back-up avoids problems experienced with conventional methods of data back-up, such as usability of restored data, security issues and other risks such as those relating to fire, burglary, human error or negligence.

Datalifeline’s BulkVault® is a single, fully automated solution that protects valuable data against loss. BulkVault® protects everything from Laptops and Macs to huge Exchange databases, all with the same simple user interface.

Protecting your business with BulkVault® is a very cost-effective and secure way of backing up data. 4s Systems highly recommends it to clients for the following reasons:

  • It uses the highest level of military grade encryption that scrambles data before it leaves your site and encrypted data cannot be deciphered.
  • It is a completely automated offsite backup service, which does not need external operator involvement.
  • It is reliable and easy to use.
  • It provides a quick restore function of data. In the event of a server failure, the Pre-Recovered server can be switched on which completely and immediately replaces the failed system.
  • Pre-restoration can be replicated offsite for complete Disaster Recovery.
  • Unique technology allows very large files to be backed up over existing broadband connections.
  • All data is kept within the UK in a purpose built data centre as part of a fully managed Cloud based service, or can be run as a customer based system if preferred.
  • Disaster Recovery, Backup, Archiving and Data Compliance is combined to create one simple to manage and low cost solution.

User confidence

BulkVault® is a proven solution, with more than 500,000 installations worldwide. Its reliability and ease of use make it the preferred choice for preventing data loss.

Easy to manage and control back ups

Installation of BulkVault® is easy to follow, with an intuitive wizard guided user interface. After simple configuration, backups will be done automatically and without human intervention. Restoration can be done in just a few mouse clicks so that anyone with basic computer skills will be able to manage it effortlessly.

BulkVault® gives the user control of the backups. It automatically and securely moves data off site and then emails a confirmation, so you can be certain it works every day. More importantly, when restores are necessary they are straightforward to implement. The user controls the restore from the machine, which can happen at LAN speed with the click of a mouse.

Limited cost, unlimited protection

Once BulkVault® is deployed, you can be assured that your data is protected from accidental deletion, theft, fire, vandalism, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other catastrophes. While the cost of BulkVault® is limited, the value of the critical business data it protects is not. So why risk losing data that may have drastic consequences for your organisation when it can be avoided?

Secure and reliable

Unlike conventional backup methods, critical data is encrypted (256-bit!), compressed, and uploaded to BulkVault’s® secure Data Silos Via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with enhanced security. Everything is run automatically with no human intervention required. This eliminates all possibilities of negligence induced problems. This robust design guarantees an extremely high success rate of data restoration.

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