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Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Hosted Exchange email solution is perfect for businesses large and small our Hosted Exchange Mailbox includes a massive 25GB storage for each mailbox. It’s simple to add additional security features for SPAM and our amazing online archiving solutions which allows you to keep emails for up to 10 years securely

Hosted Exchange is the world’s leading messaging service based on Microsoft’s popular Exchange Server 2010 delivered as a cloud-based solution.

Hosted Exchange

The cost of running an in-house Exchange Server is often too expensive for many small to medium-sized business. Cloud computing is an answer for your IT needs.


Key Features

Hosted Hosted

To ensure your client's email data remains safe and secure in the Cloud, every mailbox is hosted on three separate Exchange servers – two in Datacenter 1, and a third in Datacenter 2 based at a different geographical location. What’s more, all mailboxes are regularly backed-up, and inbound, outbound and internal email flow is securely copied into a real-time archive for added reassurance. Triple Hosted for ultra-resilience

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