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Web Hosting

We are dedicated to providing reliable web hosting solutions of the highest quality. All of our plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our focus is on reliability, uptime, and customer support. The servers we utilize are Dual Xeon 2.4ghz with 2 gigs of ram. Our network backbone consists of UUNET, Level3, Verio, Time Warner, Global Crossing, AboveNet, and Allegiance Telecom.

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Internet Connectivity

Is your business heavily dependent on reliable Internet connectivity? If so, then a leased line, or bonded ASDL solution, may be a better alternative to using DSL broadband. Leased lines give businesses enhanced connectivity speeds, reliability and data security.

For any business running critical applications such as Citrix, Terminal Services, Video Conferencing and Voice-over-IP, or simply requiring continuous and fast Internet access, then a leased line solution makes good sense from a commercial and technical viewpoint.

Businesses choose to use leased lines for a variety of reasons. Some recognise that standard ADSL broadband connections, without any kind of service level agreement, pose significant risk to the continuity of their business. Others see that sharing bandwidth with many other commercial and residential users is compromising reliability and can lead to performance fluctuation. An increasing number of business users also recognise the need for a more substantial network infrastructure, if they are to ensure continued quality of service within their business. For more information click here

Hosted Telephony

4s Systems has an extensive experience in business telephony systems, with our hosted telephony service you no longer need an on site PBX.We will deliver all the usual PBX services via our hosted platform all on a low fixed monthly charge. Dial from M/S Outlook, CRM integration, total mobility, voice recording and call statistics are few of the systems features available.

Plus, we will give you an easy to management portal to enable you to carry out instant system changes. In the event you need our support, our help desk engineers are second to none in terms capability and responsiveness. Calls between users in a single tenancy or group of associated tenancies are free of charge. For more information click here

Video Conferencing

4s Systems are resellers of Radvision’s SCOPIA Desktop video conferencing system, which enables room video systems, personal conferencing systems and ordinary mobile phones to connect – whether inside or outside the firewall.

SCOPIA Desktop bridges between room videoconferencing systems and the needs of the PC‐based worker, providing a common voice, video, and data collaboration environment to all users. It is a server‐based video conferencing system which provides key scalability, manageability and ease‐of‐ use capabilities that line managers and IT executives will appreciate as they plan, deploy, and manage their enterprise communications systems. For more information click here

Why 4S?

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