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Overcoming the threats to information systems today requires much more than relying on technology alone. IT managers need to have a solid strategy to deal with these evolving threats whilst managing their day-to-day activities.

The use of instant messaging in the work place can introduce malicious worms capable of payloads that will install root kits to avoid detection whilst launching spam attacks and logging keystrokes. Users are usually unaware of the dangers of these threats due to lack of security awareness yet in some cases this also applies to network administrators and managers.

Remote workers dialling into the corporate network can gain access into sensitive information if strong corporate policies are not enforced. The threat is even bigger if malicious attackers can gain access to systems allocated to remote workers as they can then carryout attacks remotely. These sorts of attacks are nothing new as many remote workers working from home deploy wireless broadband routers due to its flexibility and ease of access.

So how can IT managers react when a worm or other network traffic flood occurs? How can they react when an attacker has compromised their web and email servers? How can they react when users are viewing and sending inappropriate content? How can they react to the evolving threats to their information systems and corporate as a whole? The solution is to take a proactive approach to corporate security rather than a reactive approach.

4s Systems have over 7yrs of IT security experience and have been providing security solutions to counteract these sorts of threats. We understand that our clients will rather focus on their core business so we not only educate them on security awareness, but also take the burden off IT managers by providing them with our managed security services. We provide strategic solutions to prevent network attacks with integrated screening in order to filter out viruses, worms, spam and phishing attacks in real time. We can design your security requirements to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

We use best of breed security technologies from established vendors to provide firewalls to enforce strong security policies at the gateway; IPsec and SSL VPNs to secure network-to-network as well as client-to-network communications; Antivirus solutions to provide email, desktop, file server & storage protection; Content filtering solutions to ensure that users are not viewing or sending inappropriate content; Intrusion prevention solutions to prevent sophisticated attacks that firewalls are unable to protect against; Log analysis solutions that allow you to collect, correlate, analyse and produce reports on your network infrastructures; Integrated wireless security appliances that provide strong security for wireless deployments and professional services to manage your security projects.

Our professional services include management of your security projects from inception to delivery. Some of the services we provide include design, installation and support as well as providing vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and network security audits. Our managed security services enable you to focus on your core business whilst outsourcing your security requirements to us.

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