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Servers, Desktops & Notebooks

4s Systems gives impartial advice and guidance to business people so that they can make informed decisions regarding their investment in computer technology. As part of our integrated services, we help clients select the most appropriate information technology, whether that includes stand-alone PCs, servers, network equipment, scanners, printers or the latest mobile technology.

Information Technology can be used to perform a whole host of tasks, but we believe that buying or upgrading hardware should be driven by measurable improvements to the business. Productivity and efficiency savings and the provision of better customer service are just some of the likely benefits that will arise from having fast access to company information. Using reliable hardware, supported by a carefully managed support service will reduce disruption to the business through minimising the inconvenience of computer downtime for routine maintenance, system updates or back-ups. In addition to supplying and installing computer hardware, 4s Systems offers a full hardware maintenance and support service that will mean that problems such as system crashes are the exception rather than the rule (or a thing of the past).

In addition to supporting small to medium businesses, 4s Systems has built up expertise in providing complex hardware solutions for businesses operating from more than one location, such as retailers and wholesalers. We fully understand the issues relating to integration, networking and maintenance and undertake risk management exercises that are designed to help businesses operate at peak performance.

Staff at 4s Systems listen carefully to client requirements and ask questions to determine not only the current IT requirements but how this might change in the future. We recommend solutions that offer the flexibility to adapt as businesses expand, whether this means employing more staff, opening new branches or upgrading IT security systems and centralising administrative tasks on a central server. We will utilise existing hardware wherever practical, and make all our solutions as future-proof as possible, in order to protect your investment. We also give advice on whether to rent or buy hardware and can arrange finance if required.

Desktop computers

We will recommend PCs that match the requirements of the business. This might mean having the fastest processor and memory or latest multi-media functionality. Hard disc requirements will depend on whether you intend using the desktop PC for file storage or intend to network the PC so that access to files can be shared.


We also supply laptop computers and a range of other hardware that employees will find useful when working away from the office. Laptop docking stations can be installed back at base so that users can connect to the company server when they are on-site.

Personal Digital Assistants

We recommend, supply and help set-up a wide choice of devices to enable employees to keep in touch while away from their desks. Features such as synchronising of diaries, providing access to customer details and company files while mobile are now in high demand.


Shared servers simplifies IT administration and support. We install servers that minimise the risk of downtime and disruption through carefully managed systems of backing-up data. As part of our maintenance and support services, we provide a cost-effective administration service, taking responsibility for IT security issues that can so easily affect the business if not handled correctly.

Printers, scanners and multi-function devices

Whether you need laser printers, inkjet printers, dot matrix printers or scanners, we can guide you through the selection process and then undertake supply and installation.

Why 4S?

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